CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.9.6

  • 03e7fa0 Update version number to 2.9.6
  • 3978f87 Stringify values to avoid trap of in_array() type juggling
  • 2304ca3 PHPDoc fixes
  • 84a15dc Fix short-array usage.
  • 3415840 Exit early if SMTP connection fails.
  • 3f10a02 Allow false/true to be read as keys in Hash::get().
  • f736026 Fix invalid return value hint
  • 4335048 Cakephp should be in the required packages
  • 7944f51 Fix ModelTaskTest for tests passing
  • 043858d Fixed typo
  • 6818268 New Validation::(min|max)ByteLength() addition
  • 259972a Fix for incorrect @return phpdoccomment
  • 2b4b2ef Fix for incorrect @return phpdoccomment