CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.7.9

  • 0edec3c Update version number to 2.7.9
  • 4b8d628 Backport SecurityComponent fixes from #8071 to 2.x
  • 835fc9c More CS fixes
  • c06bde3 Backport CODE_ERROR constant and return as per expectation.
  • 2962b38 Fixed CS error
  • 3ee9f97 Trying to fix tests
  • dc83669 using the right superglobal
  • 93ba85b Fixed failing test
  • bd53ef0 Better method overriding emulation for GET
  • 8d472a5 Memcached can not connect using a socket
  • 4de9212 Back port fixes from #7899 to 2.x
  • 72b98f5 Backport paginator changes for string integers.
  • 430612f Split mega test up.
  • 7d052bd Backport 5714cf14a9ca4b439b872aaf3ad6e5bfddda46ad to 2.x
  • fd02190 Remove an empty line output