CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.7.8

  • 2ee72e2 Update version number to 2.7.8
  • 1b4c81e Remove lighthttpd
  • d2153ac Fix typo in doc block.
  • 479eec4 Fix doc block instead.
  • 4136857 Fix return value in SmtpTransport
  • 4101a96 Use correct context when parsing MO file.
  • c6fdcea Clear model cache after schema update.
  • 2d178b7 PHPCS fixes
  • e47b26a Do not redefine TestHttpSocket
  • 077f157 Test case for proxy authentication when request is HTTPS
  • ac50b60 Added space
  • e315fb6 Fix proxy authentication when SSL is used
  • 4a4728b Fix SSL via proxy
  • b76a235 Remove default overwrites that are useless
  • d6da07c Include the Code of Conduct in the 2.x branch
  • 48dd778 Fixed issue #7579 on the 2.7 branch
  • bed76ac fixed coding standards error
  • 5b098af remove extract function in the Validation::comparison