CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.7.4

  • 0502e07 Update version number to 2.7.4
  • 13f1479 Correct inflection of virus.
  • c3e08fd Load config file before checking class existence.
  • 26a05a4 Update another link to DebugKit 2.2 branch
  • 7b20c80 Use caret operator for depending on DebugKit
  • 2d82a12 CS
  • f1160b7 Update link to DebugKit 2.2 branch
  • ab7e8f8 Update debugkit links to 2.x compatible branch
  • a6d62cb Removed $stringClean
  • 41abccc Update param annotation
  • 1267586 Re-add closing tags to ctp files
  • f7c472e Add note to param
  • bd46191 Correct return type
  • 5eedc0f Fix broken test
  • dbfd2c4 App & skel folder sync + some improvements
  • 1ede742 Various improvements to the CakePHP test files
  • e690662 Various improvments to the CakePH Plib files
  • fd2dd41 Add cakephp/cakephp-codesniffer as dev dependency
  • c14d1ff Add tests for #7428
  • dc856b8 Switch out is_null()
  • 1b33efa Check $_connection is not null before trying to use it
  • 8fae10a Set DboSource::$_connection to null on disconnect
  • 97b6f86 Fix CS
  • c87de2a Fix CS
  • e7d6319 Skip test for versions of < MySQL5.6.
  • d8a55ad Allow CURRENT_TIMESTAMP for datetime columns - MySQL5.6+.
  • 450a544 Backport 3.x limit of fixture data generation.
  • 5a7507d Fix issue "Debugger class not found"
  • 9eafde1 Set the `key` variable in the SessionHelper.
  • e4cce7a Fix errors in PHP <5.4
  • 60d7bba Always update updated/modified columns when a fieldList is used.