CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.5.6

  • c151ea5 Update version number to 2.5.6
  • 6aaac6b Fix HttpSocket mishandling encoded URIs
  • dac8b7b Update return type for Model::saveField().
  • 0d5d6b1 Wording correction.
  • 768f2c8 Correct doc block return types.
  • 00432fa Show stack trace for fatal errors if xdebug is loaded.
  • 0f98907 Correct test
  • bb67df4 Simplify test
  • 70acd2f doc block update.
  • e5b45bc Fix IN replacement in virtual fields for MYSQL.
  • 1e8f12f Bump the depth of variables in stack traces to 4.
  • d228d83 Relative paths should be created relative to pwd.
  • ebc1bcb Add additional useful tests for autoLink()
  • 797635d fixing testcases + do not disable the hidden input on partial disables
  • abb0c7c Update FormHelper.php
  • 6f4c3b2 Fix views overwrite warning text
  • 09ebb8b Removing unrelated parameter in comment
  • 3a3ddf4 Update .gitattributes
  • 959a22a Documentation correction
  • cdc6711 Handle query string arguments in digest auth data.
  • afcd031 Fix Memcached test failures.
  • b55a885 Fix PHPCS and PHP5.3 error.
  • 50b3893 Make rule sniff less complicated and tidy up doc block.
  • dcb605c Possible fix for isUnique backward compatibility
  • dc7b8cb Add BC test for #4851
  • 9b9e886 Fix getMockForModel() using the incorrect datasource.
  • ecf0307 Fix docblock
  • 39011cd Fix Model::isUnique() not working as a validator.
  • 0ff9545 Add test for find() and array conditions.
  • 94e7183 Make CakeSession::read() return null for all failure cases.
  • 051c005 Added HTTP to URL
  • e515a02 Added code consistency badge from phpcs
  • e16bef1 Fix missing 'r' from your
  • e4c0dee Fix small typo
  • 996ad04 to correctly return SET() type