CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.2.1

  • cc44130 Update version number to 2.2.1
  • fb92bde Loosen exception types.
  • 22d4cb3 Allow warnings for Xml entities.
  • a7c79e5 Fix warnings when deleting records that do not exist.
  • 6c90541 Fix XML decoding attack via external entities.
  • 46f8de7 Fix web runner showing fails as passes when show_passes is on.
  • 8fc5726 Remove trailing whitespace.
  • 3baaecc Type check before unset()
  • b741552 Fix missing line breaks.
  • db24755 Correctly passing ellipsis options to all internal method calls insie PaginatorHelper::numbers(), under some combinations of modulus/limit it would not get passed even though there are pages in between to show
  • 39715bc Adding missing afterValidate callback to behaviors, Fixes #3024
  • 73d44c5 Fixed some typos in the comments in this file. This helps with type hinting in IDEs that support that.
  • 5e680cb Add tests for translate + partial fields.
  • 1c0b6c0 Update afterSave to ensure created entires have all translated fields present
  • ed4493d Automatic console logging streams were not respecting --quiet
  • 591022f Make test case use SERVER_NAME conditionally.
  • f528bb2 Fix lint error.
  • e10f6f5 Fix notice error when parsing input data.
  • de703a2 Fix for CakeEmailTest.php that failed unless using 'localhost'
  • e61f636 Fix double base dir in image() with fullBase.
  • 2237386 if blackHoleCallback is set, requests _must_ get blackholed
  • 86a74e3 fix: windows console may not have ansi color support
  • 3103323 Add missing urlencoding to nested named parameters.