CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.10.0

  • fef1029 Update version number to 2.10.0
  • 7e50fc9 Add test for shell unknown option
  • 6584108 2.x Console: Display error message when unknown option is specified
  • d1c3cca makes the test more stable
  • d71bc4a Fixed code style
  • 5cc0d7a Some tests refactored. Skipped non-compartible tests in MySQL ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY mode.
  • 0d68007 Revert changes in 2290b612f830782ee506ef34d4f71a366f1b1aab
  • 16acacf process-timeout set to 0 in composer to let the tests run as much as necessary
  • 2290b61 set order in HABTM in unit tests to make it stable in mysql 5.7
  • bdb8e9b added composer scripts like in cake 3
  • d72c2d7 fixed code style, skipped pgsql and sqlite incompartible tests
  • 794ce22 fixed unit tests and docs
  • f0bbcb3 fixed parsing of conditions with 'NOT' in TranslateBehavior
  • 3440615 Refactroing in TranslateBehavior. Some code was moved to protected methods, simplified the coditions.
  • d9f2117 more unit tests
  • 76ab1f4 more unit tests
  • 85e0ebd more unit tests added
  • 5033467 added a unit test
  • 31fd421 more PaginatorComponent unit tests
  • 32f6b96 Fix formatting.
  • 4ec195f Fix error when default value is reported as CURRENT_TIMESTAMP() with parenthesis