CakePHP Changelogs

Version 1.2.9

  • e6e50e8 Updating version numbers for 1.2.9
  • 22938d9 Adding specific conditions to model->delete's call to dbo->delete. This helps fix a race condition where dbo->defaultConditions could cause additional data loss. Fixes #250
  • f5714a8 Fixing issue found by Felix Wilhelm(flxm) where users could send potentially dangerous or corrupted serialized objects to SecurityComponent, potentially allowing manipulation of file map caches. Test case added.
  • 05572f6 Reverting change from [16387f196191c5cb942f887f05456cb439944f41]. Using the constant caused a number of issues for several other people. Refs #1231
  • 83af94d Removing conditional check around customs session handler.
  • 6a0ae7d Applying patch from 'Utoxin' that removes hardcoded 'app' string from Dispatcher. Fixes #1231
  • 48c2c16 Applying patch from 'Mark Mitchell' fixes issues with sending Email via smtp. Which were incorrect based on previous patches given for ticket #1100. Fixes #1205, Fixes #1204
  • 3f6bee0 Changing pattern used to read digest auth data. Allows emails to be used as usernames.
  • 77f05ab Applying patch from 'Justas Butkus' to DboSource Fixes issues where reconnect could issue warnings related to array_merge. Fixes #1182
  • 5e454c1 Fixed issue with Set::extract() where conditions containing a space and a slash would fail. Fixes #1185
  • 59b8327 Fixed Set::extract() where single numeric keys (everything not 0) were skipped. Fixes #1175
  • 16fc261 Fixing issue where a beforeDelete() could trigger a table truncation.
  • 8d2d83c test for #250
  • 29d1314 Adding another test for #250.
  • 9cb15be Making the cake:nocache stripping more relaxed so that if either condition to enable caching is on, tags will be stripped. Tests added. Fixes #1148
  • daeb23e Applying patch from 'kworr' to reorder the switch in DboPostgres::value() to fix issues with pgsql 9.0. Fixes #1139
  • d12d2d7 Fixing issue in DboSource::_matchRecords() where unqualified conditions would result in 1=1 conditions. Fixing incorrect test case. Fixes #930
  • 9bf6fbf Adding po files omitted from previous commit. Refs #1085
  • 47e6aa2 Applying patch from '0x20h' to fix issue where domain translation files would be mixed together causing duplicate data in the various cache files. There should now be one cache per domain + language. Fixes #1085
  • 1b48cd6 Adding more tests for SMTP address formatting. Fixes #1100
  • 8a43b6d Adding test cases from 'euromark' and updating how email addresses are parsed so they are slightly more conformant to RFC 5322. Fixes #1066
  • 2809e3c casting the find as an array to avoid errors with array_values() fixes #1041 and 4 failing tests (3 previous)
  • 0d4a500 Fixing issue where whitelist would not be used for validation. Test case added. Fixes #1037