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Version 2.4.6

  • 45cabd4 Update version number to 2.4.6
  • a707709 Added test for FormHelper::radio().
  • 0776b87 Fix postLink() & postButton() with nested data.
  • 62cb733 One liner. Dont call function parseAccept() twice in RequestHandlerComponent.
  • a80cbc2 Simplify conditionals.
  • 8b2e1ab Don't do assignments inside conditionals.
  • cdeb511 Fix types in docblocks.
  • 35f152b Make sure a datetime instance is valid to avoid fatal errors.
  • a69aeb6 A better fix for issue #2711. Allows url to be unset from request array regardless of this->base context
  • a9d7792 Unsetting url both with & w/o ->base to allow proper handling when app not hosted at server's DocumentRoot
  • 4e06272 account for localized floats more robustly.
  • 0a51458 Fix Validation::decimal() not working with localized floats.
  • 1045a5e Update MemcacheEngine.php
  • f018e4f fixes issue #2855 where cafile is not set in HttpSocket
  • cb0580a Update MemcacheEngine.php
  • 070b165 Mark compatibility shims as deprecated.
  • 91ef655 Update MemcacheEngine.php
  • 54a395c Updated docblock.
  • 1725386 Fix uploadError validation rule to work with OS Win. Here the error is string, not integer.
  • 827dc77 Fix incorrect assertion.
  • 96a37d5 Fix temporary associations that replace fields not being restored.
  • a5d50da Remove dead and unused code.
  • 91349c3 Remove trailing whitespace.
  • f3cd0fc Test added for previous fix in CakeRoute.php. Refs #2797.
  • a9059d4 Fix formatting - one space too much. Refs #2799.
  • 7fd13d4 Fixed prefixed action prefix reverse routing match. One liner.
  • 2793dca Fix ApiGen errors
  • 9691e54 Minor comments only. Added more explanation of $defaults parameter to Router::connect(). Trying to clarify how it relates to the routing destination and the template string tokens.
  • ae3c791 Minor documentation corrections about Router::connect().
  • d948925 Don't return `true` from view classes' render() method.
  • fcd41e4 Clarified ACL node lookup failed error.
  • 3cd6bb3 fixed coding standard errors
  • 60c289f removed indentation
  • 9670a5a Added missing 'Session'-Compomnent in bake
  • adc0bf3 BC fix for checkbox ids
  • ecf5aec Add '@' to the list of characters removed from radio/checkbox ID.
  • 59549b7 Fix: Changing boolean to integer for Postgres
  • 4d57d3c Fix plugin path filtering when directories do not exist.
  • 605351d Allow empty values in checkboxes.
  • dedefee Fix link in comment
  • e5b36f6 Actually exclude core test cases from pear packages.
  • df2fc07 Grammatical fix in API docs only
  • 42daa25 Fix Console "extract i18n from sources" to handle quotes in Model::validate parameters correctly
  • 987187e Fix #2721 in TranslateBehavior::beforeFind() supporting both Model::field('fieldname') and Model::read('fieldname')
  • 827c815 correct property comment