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Version 2.4.5

  • 9b4c2f3 Update version number to 2.4.5
  • ef08534 Improves next() and prev() documentation
  • d7d8fc0 Check data with isset() before accessing it.
  • cf16ae0 Remove pointless code.
  • 7f496fa _Trailing_ and $this->keys also do not need to be urldecoded. Both _trailing_ and $this->keys gets set in _writeRoute, which also makes the regex that used to create the array $route. Any keys in $route that match [_trailing_] or any values in $this->keys are put there through the exection of preg_match. The URL is decoded before being passed to preg_match, which means the values inside of [_trailing_]etc. have already been decoded.
  • 83f37e4 Fix typo that removed '$' from '$key'
  • 8d6814e Remove rawurldecode from the _parseArgs function in CakeRoute since urldecode is already called on the URL string in CakeRoute::parse() when creating the $route array that is passed to _parseArgs. The result of the double urldecodes is parameters with meaningful '%' signs being stripped away on accident, and the web server reporting that the requested address doesn't exist.
  • 61dd1c3 Fix trailing whitespace.
  • 5b4121f Update tests.
  • d241a06 Correctly remove routing url from query string.
  • 55e1619 Fix issue with find(count) and TranslateBehavior.
  • 7a27650 Test case that demonstrates issue with count and Translate
  • 46eda80 Fix mising connection parameter to schema objects.
  • f25e84f Don't select year 0 when there are all 0's.
  • 9cc7c46 fix multiple log array key definition on templates property in Debugger
  • cd27012 Simple docblock updates to CakeTime
  • b20ca3f Fix errors with postgres tests.
  • 5605ff4 Update ControllerTask.php
  • a981c7f Removed trailing whitespace.
  • 0214ac4 Update ControllerTask.php
  • d41bb0b Update ControllerTask.php
  • caf350c Exclude lib/Cake/Test when building pear packages.
  • 3763350 Add test for issue #2595
  • ecfd64c adding test
  • 865ca7a wording
  • 1201887 Clearer error message
  • a4f1388 Return value if value are 0
  • 3d51bfe Correct casing.
  • 49bb441 Update some grammar in Controller
  • 85d7244 Remove ext-mbstring dependency.
  • ed749fd Must double quote the schema name in query
  • 2f02d0c Add missing pkpass mimetype
  • c86f9ab Added composer.json for CakePHP 2.x
  • c4f8289 Fix test by checking against an empty array instead of `false`
  • c48afae Add test to prove issue when saving invalid tree data
  • 1daa27c Add tests for uncovered case of :0 replacements.
  • b392254 fix cs
  • 8ebf004 Also make DOM ids for radio element values unique.
  • 587a04a prevent possible XSS attack via form helper selects and unescaped output.
  • aae0f76 Collision free approach to resolve the DOM ID issue in a clean way. Fix to generation of ids for multiple checkboxes. Resolves ticket 4064.