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Version 2.4.0-RC2

  • b711d38 Update version number to 2.4.0-RC2
  • f7a81a9 Conditionally define constants in the CLI environment.
  • 09cf69c Pass Controller:$components config to mocked components
  • 675f828 Remove insertQuery and deleteQuery.
  • 524aaf3 Makes PHPCS pass again.
  • a140b30 Add a test for Hash::sort()
  • 7fe2395 RedirectRoute class does not honor persist as array with custom route elements.
  • 6a14f37 a few more orders in test case corrected
  • 47e8e0c simplyfy test and correct some test param orders
  • 6cf147e unify null checks - avoid method call in favor of strict check
  • 7989bad Corrected codestyle
  • b4092e3 Corrected spelling
  • 56ef44f Excluded method names from several tanslation strings Removed unnecessary sprintfs
  • 97aaa89 Refactored the fix
  • 64f4adf Shortened line length of trigger_error calls and improved @param of write()
  • 85313e8 Minor Sanitize::escape() update
  • 1595287 Added workaround for strtotime("0000-00-00 00:00:00") returning -62169955200 on a 64 bit system
  • ff01c28 Prevent accidently translating "%score" as "score"
  • aa7c912 Removed concatenations in gettext $msg param. Closes #3986.
  • a0b9d5f Removed trailing space
  • 0e49a23 Makes the locale test not always pass, be verbose when it is skipped.
  • 559fb58 Fix formatting with locales using , as decimal separator
  • 1459e17 Adds German locale for Travis.
  • 6f74e19 Makes the locale test not always pass, be verbose when it is skipped.
  • d84a2d9 removed $i variable, it not being used...
  • 3f58be2 removed not used $i variable
  • cb6ea82 Allow CakeEmail::template() to disable layout rendering.
  • 3bdcf7b Use inner join instead of a left join.
  • 64251b6 Corrected translation string
  • 759c24e correct doc blocks as per cs
  • 2456114 Apply ADmad's patch and update testConfig method according to a new specification.
  • 80e589f Correctly encode confirm handlers
  • 1c17018 Fix failing test from merge with 2.3
  • 6ce10b2 Update doc blocks.
  • f3018cc refactor methods to avoid else block on returning early
  • 1cb4129 Making CakeTime display 'about X ago' when time passed is lower than accuracy
  • 7c856e6 missing whitespace
  • 7d4f229 Fixed statement about Security:hash's salt parameter
  • b09dc72 deprecate Controller::flash() and adjust some other deprecation messages.
  • 303261e making the config method of email-transport-classes mergable into the current config value.
  • 1bdcc58 Update version number to 2.3.9
  • 39a1d76 Updating some View files to follow convention
  • 4c13a39 Removed else clauses after redirects and added return before redirect() and flash() calls