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Version 2.3.5

  • a079ca3 Update version number to 2.3.5
  • 6017db9 Add missing urlencoding to base/webroot.
  • f745a02 Add missing html escaping.
  • a49c69a Add missing h() calls to exception stack traces.
  • b533c1b Make named capture groups compatible with older PCRE versions.
  • dae978f Split sentence into two sentences
  • c6d8b47 Prevent autoload when checking for the existence of HttpException
  • eee37bb Improve docs for AclShell.
  • ca6612b Fix a problem of tag values which is not taken into account (when equal to zero) when passing an XML object to an array.
  • 91319bb Fix disabled attribute check. Fixes #3818
  • 3720897 Fix test
  • 06e7ba6 Update docs for Security::cipher()
  • 43b77bc Move App::uses() calls above the class. Improve docblock for Object::log().
  • 36a51bd Avoid fail due to postgres ordering
  • 3c46b8a Fix typo in link to cakephp book documentation
  • 4f179b0 Make note of method removal.
  • dddf8aa Fixed curly brackets at a few class definitions
  • db26e24 Remove error setting when reading/deleting non-existent key. Fixes #3813
  • 3d682ba Update limit() in SQLServer to handle large page numbers as well.
  • d403631 Update limit() for Postgres
  • 00569ea Update limit() for Sqlite.
  • 7b0af65 Stop calling limit() twice on the same data.
  • 2096d3f Clamp limit values to be unsigned integers.
  • bd3be28 Test case for loooong page numbers in paginated results seems to cause SQL error
  • df8f5e8 Add additional entropy to postLink()
  • 41d124d Fix autoLinkUrls() not autolinking URL's without a /.
  • b41051c Also set mb_regex_encoding.
  • 37ce6df Only allow sort fields that match the current object alias.
  • 6b015d9 fix select hours for 0/12
  • fab5a6f spelling corrections
  • dd8060b Fix build.xml
  • 2b0e10e Exclude domain names starting with `-`
  • 5b298c1 remove copyright noise from test files to unify with new newer files which don't contain it anymore anyway
  • ff0aa70 fix line length for templated emails
  • 09d9efe spelling corrections (a url to an URL, unify URL)
  • a48149b update doc of Router::redirect
  • dbe90ca removed duplicate test case
  • 2d7f6fc Added tests
  • 50e3307 Money validation accepts one decimal place