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Version 2.2.5

  • 5dede38 Update version number to 2.2.5
  • c2e087d Add test for recursion issues in Hash::expand().
  • 8af76a5 Closes ticket #3080 in CakePHP Lighthouse ( Hash::flatten has a bug which causes an endless loop when try to flatten an integer key. Probably the $data array pointer won't reset itself when doing:
  • 3f21d09 Fix radio() and boolean values.
  • e132a7c Remove duplicated assertions.
  • ac1f64a Start and end transactions on the fixtures datasource.
  • 6d74397 Consistently inflect theme names.
  • 75f654b Fix double encoding in JsHelper request methods.
  • c72c612 Replaced simple and therefore pointless array_push function references with the ordinary way of adding an array element. This will increase the performance and the code looks much cleaner this way IMHO
  • 83abced Add tests for save() and multiple locales.
  • 1117ad2 Blackhole requests when the action is the blackhole callback.
  • 2ba117e Handle MissingViewExceptions better.
  • 604898a Added check for HHVM in Debugger,
  • f792136 adding a note about custom error handler classes
  • 965f0e8 Fix SQL errors in TreeBehavior.
  • bd71f8a Update lib/Cake/Model/Model.php
  • 08cde9f Fix foreach error when useTable = false.
  • d70730d Fix issues with TreeBehavior and nested deletes.
  • 1612bdf Fix docblock
  • 4fe85fc Fix docblock
  • 7ad11f5 Change line length in emails.
  • f326058 Update docs for Hash::apply()
  • f2d1eba Added deprecated tag
  • 1528b5c Don't return true when there is nothing to save.
  • 71371dd Add codestyle and reports-ci targets to phing.
  • 53b465d do not pass 5th argument to mail() when in safe mode, even with a falsy value mail() will return false, fixes #3452
  • 07dbc4a Cater for length part of TEXT field in indexes for MySQL
  • b20f6e1 Add test for options with 0 value.
  • c159854 Improve docblock
  • 693ca54 Testing option value as a string
  • 80773ad ConsoleOptionParser::_parseOption() tramples option values of 0 (zero). I believe the following condition is the culprit.
  • 6292fc7 Fix example & incorrect import.
  • 9c9cc7f Expand doc block for Router::connect().
  • 2a8ebce Exclude value attribute from generated file inputs.
  • 8a77a31 Set translations to use the cake domain.
  • 1e49be3 Fix stack traces not being highlighted correctly.
  • 6cf6903 Fix incorrect argument order.
  • 06c3f01 Fix docblock
  • 0027000 Fix incorrectly quoted fields when using the || operator.
  • ff26db5 Add .editorconfig file.