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Version 2.1.4

  • 5fea194 Update version number to 2.1.4
  • 476209d Changing docs in CakeRequest:accepts() as they were misleading, you are required to pass a correct mimetype and not an alias
  • 93123a8 Change "create" to "edit" since said view and layout file already exist in app now.
  • 503bc06 Mark fixtures as created if they exist.
  • b913fe5 better error message in MissingConnectionException when driver is not enabled
  • 55f3cbe remove unneeded line
  • cd209ce Avoid using LC_ALL, on some installs this would cause error: "setlocale(): Specified locale name is too long"
  • 8b94d9e Only change locale for LC_NUMERIC instead of LC_ALL, on some installs this woudl cause an error: "setlocale(): Specified locale name is too long"
  • cf18e8d avoid unneeded query in delete()
  • 89b2edd Try regexp as not all locales are available.
  • 6a1e9e8 Try LC_ALL instead.
  • 77fc8a9 Switch to de_DE
  • 001e89b Fix formatting with locales using , as decimal separator
  • f9ddc9c Move error disabling to the error controller.
  • fec6c1c Fix security component causing black holes on error pages.
  • ae990cc Code cleanup, break if found, no reason to go through entire vendor list overwriting if found on first try. No reason to create variables we don't need.
  • 4280951 No longer suppress the include path to PHPUnit/Autoload.php as Autoload.php require_once() on two files, if either of them aren't there the shell exits without message. Explanation of issue here:
  • c318586 Don't OR options together.
  • 963f1ca Don't |= with null.
  • b2e8287 Attempt to fix failing build.
  • 0a182b9 Fix $depth being decremented by 2.
  • 454fae9 Fix Validation::ip() not respecting type.
  • d2ac734 Xcache is not available for php-cli
  • 111a232 Fixing yet another issue related to beforeValidate and validateAssociated
  • 8966f1b create CakeRequest in View instead of in CakeEmail
  • e821c27 remove unnecessary lines
  • 9bafc5a CakeEmail: create request object before rendering
  • d1819dc Fix page 0 issue.
  • 15a423a Restrict page number passed to view.
  • 157e243 Change named capture group syntax.
  • 048dc8d casting schema to array, fixes error for array_keys when return is null
  • e5eb7b4 Preventing cache collisions by adding the the datasource key
  • 18b335a Replacing crc32 with md5 for less collisions in method caching
  • 07d9a75 Helpers in custom CakeErrorController are lost
  • 483d712 debug() may output path that is incorrectly truncated
  • fb0cc50 Allow Set::extract() to match null.
  • 25c7a27 fixing XmlView, XmlException: Invalid input was raised when _serialize is string and data is numerically indexed.
  • 0bfcd49 Fix unbindTranslation not unbinding.
  • b27a3aa Set session.gc_maxlifetime by default.
  • aa85451 Fix incorrect return type.
  • 5270721 Remove bonus intval()