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Version 2.1.3

  • c26df70 Update version number to 2.1.3
  • 661feb8 Create signed tags.
  • 3f7cbf5 Update PHPUnit install instructions
  • 16847b0 Backporting changes form 2.2 to fix some edge cases on deep saving. Fixes #2879
  • 7dbd6bc make sure model data is moved to alias, even when first key in data is assoc model add extra tests for saveAll and validate first ensure db values dont get reset to default values
  • 7107cd6 Fix fatal error when checking for PHPUnit.
  • c6258fa HTML escape context variables.
  • 0faaedf Split up tests.
  • cbd6caf The event manager should be re-used.
  • 8103eae Make input prompt clearer in extract task.
  • 15a7472 use LOGS constant
  • 73c66e2 fixing method signature in test models
  • 2598d17 check extension before passing to addTestFile()
  • 5b67534 fix incorrect __construct params for mock object
  • b54dc69 Making validateAssociated overwrite data consistently with validateMany
  • 6da2fe8 Ugly hack to fix saveAll deep and beforeValidate callbacks changing model data
  • 00a34f1 Added warning messages in doc block for validateMany and validateAssociated about first param being passed by reference
  • 0fb025f Fixing error with validateMany and validateAssociated not saving values altered in beforeValidate callbacks
  • 12ae03b Revert "Merge pull request #644 from nodesagency/hotfix/beforeValidate-copy-data"
  • 07bf73e Revert "Merge pull request #643 from nodesagency/hotfix/beforeValidate-copy-data"
  • e8fce37 Fixing saveMany
  • 3b154fa Another fix for Pull request 642
  • 0773506 Adding support for a trailing & or & in the existing queryString
  • 45a86a8 Copy changes made to $this->data in beforeValidate callbacks back to saveAssociated data variable
  • 597913a Fix test cases with postgres.
  • fbba362 Fix additional issues with saveAll().
  • 45a96ae Fixing order inconsistency in queryString and bug with string based existing querystring
  • a1e06b9 Fix error in Sqlite tests.
  • 6c5255a Fix saving translate records with saveAll()
  • 985d680 Removed triple nested condition.
  • 6f9b26f Again using same serialization strategy for cached view files, as in some environments file is corrupted
  • 7bb56e7 Fixed HTTP status codes for non-redirects which were breaking AuthComponent.
  • ed1a64c Use correct argument order.
  • 4ab6d37 Update assertions.
  • 73b0345 Fix issue with non-sequential array keys.
  • 128c719 Add no-op method to base class.
  • 004bc5b Fix overwriting of GET/POST