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Version 1.3.18

  • 49a3cfd Bump version number to 1.3.18
  • db6cfe4 Backport f23d811ff59c50ef278e98bb75f4ec1e7e54a5b3 to 1.3
  • d6a7852 Coding standards
  • 5eb3dc4 Set::insert data doesn't need to be an array -- comment adjusted
  • 7e0d8a5 preg_match() strict equality
  • 6af0cce removed comments which were wrong
  • 2783c54 removed unnecessary preg_match, spaces round . op
  • ad180e9 Made better test cases for pull #2543
  • 27be29b Added test case for : chars in sequence
  • 21c7506 Allow condition keys with : or ? chars in sequence
  • 09c1b61 Trigger error when dbo source is not enabled.