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Version 1.3.14

  • 5ac77c2 Update version to 1.3.14
  • 9950af8 Fix a number of errors with PHP 5.4
  • 482e487 Added test case for TreeBehavior::recover(). Refs #2392
  • 90bcb75 Adding missing Model::create() when using Model::save() in a loop. Fixing some code formatting and updating api doc blocks. Fixes #848
  • 850a33d Element cache filename now properly includes extra param names passed along with 'cache' => true option. Fixes #2356
  • d3e8f9f Fix TextHelper excerpt method to work as documented
  • 8b866ac Remove useless parameter in Set test.
  • 0a3791b modified cake/console/templates/skel for Built-in web server
  • 9cbc301 modified for PHP 5.4 and Builtin web server
  • 3b27092 Fix missing directory in dispatcher with rewrite off.
  • ce49fab change since version to correct number
  • 29618fc adding back PHP4 compatibility, accidentally removed in previous commit
  • 6b1fe87 Fixing cascading delete, when using foreignKey false and setting condition on hasOne
  • fc38787 Fix incorrect alias/name usage.
  • ff993f8 Fix protocol relative urls for CSS and JS files.
  • 7e91d13 Fix issue with CacheHelper and named parameters with '
  • b587537 Fix issue in TimeHelper with translated values.
  • f71f8b5 Update error_reporting() level.
  • 2ac00f0 Fix import in Sanitize.
  • b00eb08 Fix default CSV content-type
  • 1a2d631 Applying patch from 'Carlos Gant'
  • b75c414 Adding forwards compatibility to CookieComponent.
  • f760b54 radio input no longer sets 0 values as checked when data isset as empty string, fixes #2209
  • 0135534 Removed double loop.
  • e21721a Reset user defined headers in reset()
  • 7b023bc Fix looping issue in Component loading.
  • adb5be6 Prevent unneeded afterFind callback triggering on associated models. Fixes #2057
  • 7c96f87 Fix inflectino for words ending in media.
  • 8ff669d Fix missing prefix when reading table schema.
  • 2bdb4fe Fix incorrectly generated boundaries for multipart messages.
  • fcc0aa4 Fix flaky test. SimpleTest is the worst.
  • c66fe39 Fix issue with postgres and virtualFields
  • 118cbe2 Remove getTests() that was stupid.
  • 8d9091d Add test for using SQL constants in virtualFields.
  • 4e37c79 Adding test for form->submit() and timestamps.
  • 76e6452 Enable Asset timestamp for image submit buttons ...
  • 0ac46f3 Fix missing preg_quote around highlight searches.
  • 5ee09eb Applying fix from 'euromark' to fix protocol relative links