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Version 1.3.0

  • 1c06478 Updated vesion numbers to 1.3.0
  • ce260de Adding tests for passed arguments with dots when parseExtensions() has been called. Refs #620
  • 46df1be Model::deleteAll() now returns false if the 'find' to fetch records ids returns false (in case of sql error). Closes #272
  • 3e85577 Adding tests for dispatcher to show periods not being removed. Refs #620
  • 5f03862 Adding tests that show that Router is not chopping off periods from passed arguments. Refs #620
  • 56967e7 Fixing group path checking in test manager.
  • bc6b8e5 Fixing parameters from leaking into the script tag when calling JsHelper::submit(). Added test cases and refactored JsHelper::link(). Fixes #613
  • c404ae5 Adding htmlentities() to all parameters passed into the HtmlReporter.
  • 813a3af Fixing security vulnerabilities in the test suite runner.
  • 215333e Making tests more accurate to normal use, removing extra params and adding some tests for sortKey. Refs #614
  • a92b900 Adding tests for non .com domains. Refs #605
  • 6033fc7 Documentation fix for XmlHelper::serialize
  • 65f01fa Fixing model introspection in FormHelper to better take in account realted models with aliased names
  • 568e9d3 Adding tests for and fixing the behavior of `cake acl initdb` it now correctly delegates to SchemaShell. Fixes #608
  • 81edcdf Making TestTask not depend on Inflection rules for creating directory names, refs #610
  • 1d3b653 Adding tests for Inflector::rules() clearing cached values. Fixes #609
  • bb0ff19 Clear cache of pluralized, singularized and tableize when set rules.
  • 9053291 Fixing incorrectly named variable. Refs #567
  • e1c4b96 Adding documentation on 'attributes' key for FormHelper::error
  • 23eea00 Fixing FormHelper::error to no add error names and messages as html attributes. Fixes #585 This introduces the special key 'attributes' to FormHelper::error() when passed in the second parameter The contents of said key will be converted into html attributes for the error container tag
  • f86d0de Adding test to show correct functioning of containable + field() + recursive = -1. Closes #409
  • 029d258 Fixing autoFields causing invalid SQL when cross database joins are being done. Tests added. Fixes #476
  • 4654c85 Fixing name of cake icon on skel. Fixes #600
  • a121e0b Fix missing quotation mark.
  • 4425743 Adding tests for creating cache configs of different types in sequence. Demonstrates error explained in #596.
  • 9495aa2 Fixing incorrect function name in comments in bootstap.php of console's template 'skel'. Closes #593
  • 9ae8b73 Trimming trailing whitespace.
  • ae8ace7 Adding additional tests for JavascriptHelper::object() options. Closes #588
  • 78f1440 Fixing issue where using delivery = debug and not using sessions would cause a fatal error. send() will now return the contents that would get written into the session. Fixes #595
  • bb7cc60 Fixing parse error added in last commit :(
  • 23a22c7 Remove "not being used" comment from Model docblock. Fixes #590
  • 8ef2a82 minor optimization to save one call to Helper::model() when creating forms.
  • 99e5f4a Removing ampersand (&) from default transliteration map
  • 0300fc1 If connection is aborted, now MediaView returns false after stopping the transfer
  • 940ce8b Adding some test coverage on MediaView. Now MediaView does not exit after successful render, closes #569
  • 388bca4 Fixing syntax error generated by last merge conflict
  • a6b83cd Fixing issue where TextHelper::autoLinkUrls was failing on some expressions
  • 9d28199 Fixing schema generation for postgres. Now character varying without lenght is translated to "text", to avoid sql errors. Closes #564
  • 4982705 More time helper test jiggering. Some peope still experiencing issues.