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Version 1.2.5

  • fb10085 Updating version number.
  • 5a432c6 Applying fix from Ceeram for updateAll joins on model relations with no foreign key. Fixes #69.
  • c08153e Fixing deprecation notices for php5.3
  • f078517 Adding new error_reporting setting to ShellDispatcher.
  • 036bb62 Removing error flags from test.php.
  • b2d13fc Moving error flags to core bootstrap to avoid extra changes in user files, fixing error in previous commit.
  • 6821e7c Fixing failing test because of unfilled SVN tag expansions.
  • 9445bd1 Updating test case for new values in error reporting.
  • 5bfda28 Adding E_DEPRECATED to console environment.
  • a5c00de Applying PHP 5.3 compatibility patch from. Please update your config/core.php, webroot/index.php and webroot/test.php accordingly.
  • 24351b5 Backporting bugfix for #22 from 1.3-console to 1.2. Adds schema shell test cases, fixes for schema object references, i18n of schema schell output strings.
  • 4dc656f Updating EmailComponent smtp HELO handling to account for non-existence of HTTP_HOST environment variable when PHP SAPI is CLI. Fixes #41.
  • b75779e Updating documentation for __xxx methods. Updating LC_* doc references. Updating other doc blocks for various methods in basics.php Fixes #2.
  • 2484179 DboMssql::value() now returns NULL for numeric column types (float, integer, binary) when the column data is empty. Fixes #28.
  • bcbdb1c Fixing issue where admin revere routing was possibly unsuccessful due to differences in action param between route and url arrays. Fixes #44 and #6173
  • 12457ac Adding testcase for bug #44
  • 4f44111 Fixing empty arrays being dropped with Set::sort(). Fixed #67
  • cf35217 Fixing selected with interval not selecting the correct option. Fixes #70.
  • 0e9007e Making sure we are not making non-uniques and non-primary keys index. Also changing basic fixture schema to make tests pass.
  • fb476f1 Fixing Set::extract run against hasMany records that are the result of a find('first'). Test case added.
  • a678a60 Simplifying message generation. Fixing inflection of model names. Adding tests for flash page generation. Refs #64
  • c0ba43c Fixing non output of flash messages from Scaffolds when controller is not using Sessions. Refs #64
  • 3cdf89d Removing unused $db in Model::_deleteLinks. Fixes #6384
  • 8be5de9 Minor refactor in how paths are checked, so that fallback extensions are checked only when all paths fail, instead of for each path. Refs #49
  • 2dca77c Updating Scaffold to merge hasAndBelongsToMany keys when generating field lists for scaffolded forms. Fixes #48
  • 31ec714 Adding View::_paths() optimization. Test cases added. Refs #49
  • e9cfb66 Fixing calling of method from incorrect object in DboOracle::describe(). Fixes #21.
  • 6f8f4c5 Adding waves -> wave as irregular singularization rule. Fixes #47.
  • 47d9181 Adding test case from 'mradosta'. Fixing issue with non-zero indexed arrays and Set::extract() Fixes #6
  • 98ad480 Fixing error string passing in SchemaShell::__run() Fixes #45
  • 3f0f4b9 Changing line endings to LF
  • cca3281 Fixing complex expression handling in DboSource::fields(). Making AS a variable controlled by implementing dbo. Test cases added. Fixes #38
  • 5a971dd Fixing Xml::toArray() Where camelcased data was collapsed and corrupted. Causing unpredictable data structures with empty tags. Minor changes to existing behavior. See modified test cases. Fixes #8
  • ab50bbe Cleaning up doc blocks. Removing commented out code. Removing use of a()
  • 2737062 Fixing doc block for TimeHelper::timeAgoInWords(). Fixes #27.
  • adc1988 Dispatcher::parseParams() now works with file uploads that are not indexed by model. Fixes #9
  • 1a86de5 Correction to escape the /
  • 417bdb4 Fixing building of the right vendor path in the dispatcher in the case the plugin name appears again in the path
  • 9363a61 Unifying case for single-letter interactive shell input, most notably SchemaShell, which previously failed on uppercase interactive input.
  • 5f87f74 setting version to