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Version 1.2.3

  • c4878cf Merging fixes to trunk
  • 8369a8f Sanitizing path in Dispatcher::baseUrl(), fixes #6336, misc. whitespace fixes.
  • be7ade3 Support for non-valid cookie values, fixes #6327
  • cf3f92c Updating testsuite console to search $pluginPaths for plugins. Fixing readability of help in 80 col displays. Fixes #6329.
  • f25cf63 Adding missing test from last commit.
  • 975ddaa Fixes #6135: Primary Key detection and load record fixtures on mssql. Tests added.
  • 7eaf331 Updating doc block for FormHelper::input(). Fixes #6328
  • 48386b7 Fixing cake_test_fixture and dbo_mssql tests. Refs #6135.
  • 9f15226 Fixes #6318: Incorrect whitespace handling/parsing of XML documents
  • c8cf1a2 Updating __mergeVars to correctly merge parent and child component configurations. Applied patch from 'neilcrookes'. Test case added. Fixes #6325
  • b68c78f Fixing lost querystring params when user request without a session is performed. Test case updated. Fixes #6211
  • 8bb11e4 Fixing counterCache behavior when updating an existing record's counterScope value. Thanks for the patch, mattcurry. Fixes #6270.
  • 9ab6339 fixes #6240, DboOracle: fix cache sources and php version compatibility
  • 97abf84 EmailComponent:: now is set to null after calling EmailComponent::reset(). Test cases added; fixes #6314.
  • 650d1e7 Removing hard coded HELO hostname of 'cake' in EmailComponent; better compliance with RFC-821 3.5. Test cases added. Fixes #6264.
  • 82cb895 Correcting test case simulation. Closes #6211
  • fd0c39f fixes #6293, Deleting non-existing record causes save() to fail. Thanks to msadouni for the patch and test!
  • 0cc3d51 fixes #6277, relaxing character length comparison for UUID
  • 6e91ee7 Adding tests to disprove #6306
  • bbfee7b Updating Xml class to always use #document as the very root node and to create a node below it if the root option is set. Adding test. Fixes #6294
  • bd7bd5d Fixing issue when generating textarea with null value.
  • 8db4fe6 Allowing name attribute to pass on to hidden field in FormHelper::radio(). Fixes inconsistency with checkbox(). Test case added. Fixes #6260
  • 377108f Adding tests to show correct usage of form::create() with querystring params. Closes #6278
  • 32107f5 Fixing test broken in [8136]. Adding Configure::write() to prevent fails when running helpers as a group.
  • fcb8ef2 Renaming setUp() to startTest() in Controller task. Fixes issues with fixtures and baked controller tests.
  • 9765223 Fixing RequestHandlerComponent::prefers() with array input. Test case updated. Fixes #6290
  • 225e5e6 Adding missing fixtures from last commit.
  • 066629d Removing hard-coded 'id' field from Model::_prepareUpdateFields. Fixes #6274.
  • bf2829a Fixed bug related to the order in which some replacement take place
  • 9491e46 Applying patch from 'SkieDr' to fix custom find type pagination. Removes parameters from exiting paginate(). Test case added.
  • 5f4cdf9 Fixing AjaxHelper::dragOptions to match scriptaculous docs.
  • 5c4f838 Adding buffer flush to ajax helper test. Test suite menus now properly display. Fixing Drag options. Adding test coverage. Fixes #6266
  • d74e2d1 Fixing newline escaping for single quote strings, output now matches json_encode(). Test added, and old test fixed. Fixing buffering issues, causing test suite menu to disappear when running JavascriptHelper Test case. Fixes #6167
  • 392a6b1 Adding tests for Folder::copy and ::move showing that skipping existing subdirectories is the intended behavior. Disproves #6529. Refs #6529.
  • 6551e2a Adding test for file input creation on hasOne relationship. Refs #6223
  • 5d23f46 Adding tests to disprove #6236. Closes #6236. Removing return from testWriteEmptyValues method to enable the test. Updating CacheTest to revert settings changed in the tests.
  • 9f0cbb0 Adding tests to Session Save Handler callbacks. Refs #6229.
  • 2082239 Calling the right Garbage Colector callback when using Cache as Session Save Handler. Fixes #6229.
  • 0516fb2 Enabling disabled attribute to be passed to hidden input when making checkboxes. Test case added. Fixes #6226
  • 0a610d2 Updating Debugger::log to get the source from the end of the stack
  • 14aaa16 Updating doc block for Valdation::url optional parameter. Fixes #6220.
  • 4439bc4 Fixing regression in PaginatorHelper. Adding tests for PaginatorHelper::sortDir, as well as fixing incorrect test for sorting with Model.field dot notation. Fixes #6218.
  • 364fe18 Adding test to disprove issue. Closes #4693
  • fd7d671 Updating tests to not affect other ones when run from a group Adding NoCrossContamination group Shortening group class names Renaming lib_controller group Updating test imports to include the core AppController by default Some cosmetics