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Version 1.2.1

  • 9f83e96 merging fixes to trunk
  • d75b063 Correcting quoted-alias replacement in DboSource, adding (and mocking) MS SQL test, fixes #5942
  • 76fba20 Adding sanity checking to setup() callback for behaviors.
  • 1111829 Fixing issue in __saveMulti() where unique was not always honoured. Thanks for the patch 'Jafinto'. Tests added. Closes #6006
  • 9aabc8c Removing non-used extract() from missingDatabase()
  • 157ee1e Removing VALID_NUMBER and VALID_NOT_EMPTY from tests, applying patch from 'jperras'. Fixes #5901
  • de5cb3c Adding tests to Router::url in order to test url generation with mapResources(). Closes #5951.
  • b9ea171 fixes #6003 tree behavior fails with uuids
  • 704188e correcting shorthand if else statement
  • 5af1835 adding tests for #6003
  • 56afb72 changing $model for $Model to follow conventions ($Model is an object)
  • eec4d15 fixes #5971 - Error generated by behavior if invoking overloaded method from within the behavior
  • 67b9a80 Fix simple problem with substr where warning was being thrown
  • b94a85e Altering Helper::url() to enforce escaped query strings for generated urls. Tests added to Html::link(). Fixes #5982
  • de1d1ae Fixed asset.timestamp inconsistency for css files. Added tests to confirm css linking. Closes #5990. Fixes #5991
  • 2879689 Fixing next()/prev() when paginating multiple models. Added tests from 'hummer'. Fixes #5970
  • c53c287 closes #5968, refs #5798, reverts [7893], when dependent is true, conditions are not respected on HABTM associations when deleting parent record. [7893] would result in orphaned records. If more fine grained control is needed, create a model for the join table and handle it on an application/applicaiton basis.
  • 7c87d36 Updating Router::queryString() and Router::url() to allow additional parameters to force escaping of & used in query strings. Tests added. Refs #5982
  • ba42eb0 Fixing broken tests refs #5687
  • c0f767a fixes #5976, Xcache::clear()
  • 6026e75 fixing preg error in Router::normalize cause by last commit
  • 6c243e1 Fixing pirate spelling in model.test.php. Thanks to 'teknoid' for the patch. Fixes #6002
  • c4fe084 Removing ob_start() calls from cake_reporter. Significantly reduces memory usage of test suite. Fixes #5972
  • 52318f9 fixes #5978, Router::normalize url generation
  • ff340d3 fixes #5926, table prefix on acl tables when overriding constructor
  • e496fc9 updating auth component and test with additional checks for missing data
  • 4a636b9 Fixing showQuery() when there is $error = false. Tests from 'zackenbarsch' added. Fixes #5983
  • 628a79a Making direction flag in Set::sort() case insensitive. Test updated. Fixes #5992
  • a6250ad Adding fix when a invalid session is destroyed in CakeSession::_checkValid(); and session data wrote after the session is destroyed no longer being available because the session data was wrote using the old session id
  • 7b12272 Fixing issues with am times and form test.
  • cc88680 Adding array cast to $check. Fixes issues when non arrays are validated with Validation::multiple. Tests added. Fixes #5986
  • b0e23dd Adding additional tests to requestAction() for requests with named parameters.
  • 6c258c0 Fixing Auth's handling of params when loginAction is an array. Tests updated. Fixes #5961
  • 186a87b Improved doc comment for greater clarity regarding attribute matching
  • 0751251 updating email tests to match previous change.
  • 4f0256f fixes #5904, changing email component to use initialize instead of startup, so it can be used in other components more easily
  • 7421729 Removing DB2 specific documentation. Docs updated in cookbook.
  • 79c7915 Fixing formHelper::hour when specifying a strtotime compatible string for the selected value. Tests added Fixes #5941
  • 94b9bca Fixing habtm with uuid join tables with an auto model. Tests & model classes added. model test runs slightly more smoothly on postgres as well. Fixes #5940
  • afe9970 Fixes #5939
  • af799e1 Adding missed model classes fixes #5940